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Life drawing (16.3.2019)

The second weekend with a longer session for life drawing (one pose for entire lesson). We started the first day with the croquis drawings, many poses for the length of a song, which was quite disheartening for me, but the second day was back to life drawing with one pose. I was a bit worried

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Life drawing – croquis (15.3.2019)

First ever disaster croquis drawings 😀 ..but posting anyway, lessons learnt! I have to practice more quick sketching and try to find the essential lines and forms. For these I could’ve used also colors. I’ve never been good at sketching and have avoided it, apparently very well so far. In general I hate all my

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Observation drawing – 8.-9.3.2019

In the third drawing lessons we drew some random objects or plaster models instead of life drawing. Some of the class also tried out iPad with the pen and practiced digital painting on top of a photograph. I instead painted both days since I have the tools available at home for later. I made backgrounds

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