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Ink painting – Koi around 2

Continuation to my ‘Koi around’ theme paintings, this time I was conveniently inspired to take action due to a course assignment that fit my old theme. So for course we needed to do a painting where circle is kind of the ruling form around which the painting should be done, while also considering different mathematical

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Ink painting – Koi Around

Ink painting, Koi Around

So here it is, my little fishy fishy painting! Main focus and inspiration for the piece was colors, complementary colors and color vibration. However, in the end the colors shifted quite a bit around the complementaries (orange, blue). I made the painting using mainly Rohrer & Klingner calligraphy inks (https://www.rohrer-klingner.de/?page_id=1035&lang=en) and later I added some

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