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Painting – plein air (5.6.2019)

Water color painting, plein air

Second landscape was also painted at the university. I used water color again but then I finalized the foreground trees with gouache. I was itching to paint in gouache but I was too scared to try as I lacked proper colors. Once I got my new green gouache colors I made the trees in front

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Gouache landscapes – Forest

Gouache painting

Different depictions from a reference picture. I did not make an exact copy of the scene in any version. The first is made with more or less the actual colors, atmosphere, then second I made a sunny day version and then last a grey scale value study. Original ref (photo by https://www.instagram.com/villekotimaki/): (paper: Canson Mix

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Painting practices – portraits

So I did a few faces as painting practices using watercolour, colored pencils and gouache. Water color preparations / work in process: In all the pics I used mainly water color and colored pencils, with gouache white. For the second I repainted the rose with gouache and for the last I ended up painting with

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