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Watercolor ground – final panel

Finally. I think I am done with this final panel of the trio I had 😀 So also final review on the Belle Arti Panel with Daniel Smith watercolor ground. This time, after a bit of break and understanding the differences, it was not as bad as with the first trial. Can’t say the experience

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Watercolor bird painting on panel with watercolor ground

The next painting idea I had brewing for the panels was a teeny weeny kingfisher, The King of the River. I used my White Nights watercolor pans for the painting. I used quite many colors on this one: Golden Deep, Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Rose Magenta, Ruby, Madder Lake, Bright Blue, Turquoise Blue, Indanthrene Blue and

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Watercolor flower painting on panel with watercolor ground

First painting I made on the panel prepared with watercolor ground, was a pink waterlily, The Queen of the Lake. I wanted to use the vibrant Daniel Smith watercolor tubes I had purchased earlier. I was so smitten by the awesome and bright Opera Pink that I wanted to make the pink waterlily painting first.

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Watercolor ground, first contact

The very first trials on watercolor ground was on the small test panel I painted earlier with the left over ground. Quick observations: colors blend nicely, look vibrant (if slightly pastel at least in test board), can paint sharp edges and lines that do not bleed (unless there is slight moisture) and masking fluid came

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Watercolor ground and cradled panels

Belle Arti Panels and Daniel Smith watercolor ground

Exciting. I am going to be using for the first time cradled poplar plywood panels and watercolor ground as a canvas for my coming trio of watercolor paintings. So here I will post some details on my preparations for the panels, prior to starting to paint on them. The panels I am using are Belle

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