Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 16 to 20


New five from the Sktchy portrait challenge (#30Faces30Days) using watercolors and gouache.

This was again more watercolor heavy with a little mixed media as well. Some very nice bright and colorful references and/or outputs. And the artists! Especially David Lobenberg’s California Vibe watercolor portraits was a session that I was expecting a lot. Might have to take up a workshop from him also.

I tend to reuse my dried mixed quite a bit, not an exception this week either 😀 So I did not clean the butchers tray in between since I was not needing it for any other work now. Also the porcelain flower tray just got few colors added (I already reused those again, with a few changes). Most often I just use the watercolor palette trays, where I also might have some existing dried colors, I just add or mix new hues on top, or sometimes clean some sections. I use the separate trays with watercolors if I mix in advance bigger puddles of color.

Finished paintings:

The first and last are gouache, the rest watercolor paintings and the third has a bit of black pen lining and hatching as well.

I liked the watercolor challenges a lot, some similarity with earlier practices to improve basic skills and also made it interesting with the wild colors and value study. With gouache I struggle a lot, but those were nice different exercises to practice again with the layering issues I have. Also in the first one an additional challenge was to use just a big flat brush and no fiddling.

Still catching up with the challenges, and soon I have another five ready ;D


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