Ink studies – Music and art


Another recent study assignment. Topic was music and art, and the task was to do a painting in ink, based on this classical piece:

This was quite beautiful 🥰I listened to it many times first to get some idea what to paint and then also during painting.

I ended up with a quite random abstract painting as I did not have any clear idea what to paint. Or mainly some actual object or scene, but otherwise had an idea on the colors, some forms and making it a four part piece. It became some kind of a heavenly space adventure.. or something.

It was quite relaxing to just doodle away as I had no major expectations on what I should accomplish and I had also plenty of time to finish the set. I rework earlier parts as I proceeded to the next parts, to keep them connected as a whole.

So here is the final series. It is linear with the music, raising from bottom to up:

I used mainly Rohrer & Klingner inks and in some parts Liquitex acrylic inks.

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